Blog - Corporate Entertainment

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the CEO, Mike Blah Blah….(Muted applause)… ‘This year has been incredible, the company has made our 15% KPI’s, and we’ve made millions, so well done all who have slaved for minimum wage in the warehouse, and the team member of the year is…ME!!??’ (Collective groan!!!)

The company function or conference is a delicate environment for the decision makers of a company. You want to celebrate your people, give something back for their hard work, make everyone feel good about the company, but too often money is put in the wrong places…. To that end you can’t go far wrong by investing in a good time. By that I mean plenty of complimentary food and beverages, btw not everyone enjoys a half cooked lamb medallion with two mini carrots and 4 scalloped potato pieces with some arty looking design made out of soy sauce, keep it simple and give everyone plenty. When the food is finished make sure you’ve booked a great cover band, or corporate entertainers who bring the party to your people, stops cliques and gets everyone up on the dance floor, dancing, singing, laughing and feeling good about coming in their own time to a work do.

The thing is not every company wants to contract an event organiser so you as the PA to the CEO might have been lumped with the job…if this is you, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that may just help you be the toast of the smoko room on Monday morning.


  • 1. Book the Cover Band / Corporate Entertainment early – Most bands are booked 6 months to a year ahead, so if you’re event is on a Saturday chances are the best groups are booked.
  • 2. Create an environment that makes people want to enjoy themselves – If you put people in environments they’re not used to i.e. the banquet room of a 5 star hotel people find it hard to relax and let themselves be themselves. Find a venue that has an atmosphere, ambience and environment that you may need to tweak with a theme, but is not pretentious.
  • 3. Get a theme – But be original why don’t you!!?? Seriously The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge…they’ve been done. What a theme does is allows everyone to have a laugh at one another, get rid of the shirt and tie and $300 evening dress and have some fun. We once played for a bunch of builders who usually would be hard work to get away from the bar. They were all dressed in drag and what do you know everyone had a ball. Loads of laughs, and probably some sore heads the next day.


  • 1. Don’t scrimp on the F&B – As mentioned above, keep the drink flowing but be a responsible host and make sure the food is ongoing also and people are never hungry. Fill their stomachs and you’re less likely to have a bunch of drunk and dishevelled staff members by the end of the night. I recall one function had canape’s with the welcome drinks, a buffet dinner, then mini hamburgers at 10pm, worked a treat.
  • 2. Don’t put the entertainment where the people aren’t – It is very difficult to upheave people and make them leave where they are happy to go somewhere else where you want them to get happier…doesn’t work. Factor in that in the middle of summer everyone will be hot so will want to be outside, therefore, that’s where you want the band, not upstairs in another room.
  • 3. Don’t make the venue where everyone has to drive – Believe me if they have to worry about driving home your function will be over before its over. Be responsible, spring for some hotel rooms or at least a bus that gets everyone home or close to it.