Corporate Events Band

The conference is into its third day, the delegates have listened to yet another presentation from a high flying American Speaker on ‘Leadership and achieving KPI’s’, and everyone is spending more time on their iPhones checking in at the office than paying attention to the next networking seminar….its time to kick this baby into high gear and throw a party everyone will remember. For that, an iPod won’t do, nor will a magician walking table to table pulling doves out of hats, you need a Corporate Cover Band who will blow your mind.

That band is THE MONROES. For a Corporate Function to work you need everyone to get out of their business suits and into their best party suits, because there is going to be crowd interaction, crowd participation, lots of singing, lots of dancing, lots of things that will leave the audience remembering your conference as being the best ever. Why? Because it was the most fun. THE MONROES play the songs that people instantly recognise.Some for the secretaries, some for the ‘soon to retire’ top brass, something for everyone except the ‘Bogan’ from the workshop who likes Motorhead. Everyone is catered for and everyone has a good time…..even if it is holding onto the large lady from accounts while doing The Locomotion!!!