Private Event / Function Band

Dad’s turning 50! My Daughter is turning 21! Its our 25th Wedding Anniversary! The office want me to organise the Christmas Party! All of these seem like pretty damn good excuses for a party don’t you think!!?? To make it work you need the best function band in Hamilton, no forget that the North Island, hell we’ll be bold and say New Zealand….THE MONROES.

Life is fast, too often momentous occasions don’t get celebrated because you were too busy with other stuff. I think its time you seize the day, throw a party, make sure there is plenty of food and drink and then put your event in the hands of the entertainment experts THE MONROES. Believe us we’ve turned around some of the coldest, worst organised, vibeless events and had the audience doing the TIMEWARP, singing background vocals and generally having the time of their lives. As the organiser you’ll look great if you choose The Monroes, because if there is one thing we’ll make sure of its that everyone on the guest list leaves happy.